The next steps to capital payment

The business and financial plans are reviewed by Helvetica Capital AG, an external investment advisor. 

STEP 1: Interview

Once the business and financial plans have been reviewed, the applicant will be invited to an interview. To prepare for this, please check the FAQs and the documents you will be required to provide. 

STEP 2: Decision by the Investment Committee

A highly qualified, impartial panel of experts from Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd. (the Investment Committee) decides whether to allocate the venture capital. 

STEP 3: Due diligence 

In the event of approval by the Investment Committee, due diligence will be performed by an external, independent firm.

STEP 4: Contract negotiations

Should this outcome also be positive, it is followed by specific negotiations between the applicant and Helvetica, acting on behalf of Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd. Afterwards, the contract is signed by the persons responsible at Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd. 

STEP 5: Payment of capital

The venture capital is paid out once the contract has been signed.