Strong together

Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd. cooperates closely and successfully with partners Helvetica Capital AG and the Swiss Venture Club. 

Credit Suisse has been the bank for entrepreneurs since its foundation in 1856. One in three companies in Switzerland is currently a client of Credit Suisse: the majority of these are SMEs. With a view to the needs of corporate clients, the bank has developed a whole series of company-specific products; what's more, SMEs can benefit from the bank’s worldwide network. Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd. venture capital offering perfectly complements the bank’s existing range of services. 

For 18 years, the Swiss Venture Club has single-mindedly pursued its mission to encourage and connect entrepreneurs. As an independent organization with over 3,000 members, it sees itself as a platform for dialogue between entrepreneurs and has created fertile ground for successful entrepreneurial ideas and business opportunities. Through its partnership with Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd., it is able to identify alternative financing solutions for SMEs, while Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd. in turn benefits from its extensive network.

Helvetica Capital AG was founded in August 2015. It is an autonomous company, and fully independent of Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd. One of its key responsibilities is to manage and continuously develop Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd. portfolio. In keeping with its guiding principle of promoting Swiss entrepreneurship over the long term, the company also runs a platform for Swiss entrepreneurs and investors. The new platform aims to bring together the best entrepreneurs with the best Swiss SMEs, thus ensuring active and sustainable development for these SMEs.