Published: Oct. 1, 2013
xtendx AG

One Video Says More Than a Thousand Words

Video content on websites is much more likely to emotionally engage visitors than text, individual images or even beautiful illustrations. Swiss-based xtendx has long understood that and, although it is no longer unique in the industry, it continues to distinguish itself from the competition in several respects.

Corporate video is fast becoming standard fare for business websites. These videos can be used in almost limitless applications, a high-tech company explains its complex products in a clear and compelling way, for example, a newspaper supplements its traditional articles comprising text and photos with live interviews on its website, or a hospital presents its facilities and philosophy in a walkabout. Video is also becoming more popular on internal corporate Internet portals, known as Intranets. Human Resources uses a video to explain the new rules for travel and entertainment expenses, the CEO thanks his employees live for their efforts. „That is so much more compelling and direct than when the CEO sends a card with a photo on it”, explains Charles Fraefel, CEO and founder of xtendx AG.

Simple plus complex = Simplex

Established in 2003, xtendx AG has dedicated itself entirely to corporate video. Its primary product is Simplex Media Suite. The name Simplex conveys the simplicity of the software in their application, combined with the complexity of the problems that this software is capable of solving. Using Simplex Media Creator, another component of Media Suite, videos can be easily created using drag-and-drop, editing and reassembling a variety of digital content. Logos and text blocks can be integrated easily in a presentation employing video and slide shows. With a few more mouse clicks, the finished digital product is already posted online. Whether a film is created for a company website or is meant to be viewed on Facebook, YouTube and digital devices like tablets and mobile telephones made by many different manufacturers – you decide with the click of a button. This capability should not be taken for granted; it is at this stage that the whole project usually becomes quite complex because different devices do not support the same audio and video formats. But Simplex Media Creator automatically transcodes them in several qualities. The user then accesses the films using streaming technology, which avoids time-consuming downloads. Simplex Media Suite also provides comprehensive statistical functions so that, for instance, a customer can see how many visitors have viewed their video. The 18-member team at xtendx is constantly developing and expanding the Simplex program. This resulted in the recent addition of a Web version of Simplex Creator, dubbed Simplex Nubes. It’s leaner than the Creator and even simpler to use. All that’s needed is to register online with xtendx and then everything can be done directly over the Internet. „Nubes is Latin for clouds, the English term widely used on the Internet for these services”, explained Fraefel. Simplex Interaction is another new tool in the Simplex toolkit. Using Simplex Interaction, the audience can directly interact via chat during live Web transmission.


Switzerland, a Popular Place for Data Storage 

Video content, photos, and audio data files represent huge quantities of data. Known collectively as digital assets, they must all be administered, a task xtendx manages for its clients with Simplex Media Server. The data is compressed and stored on servers in Switzerland managed by xtendx. These servers are subject to Swiss data security law, an interesting competitive advantage around the world. Until recently xtendx occupied a niche market with few competitors, but that’s changed in the last two years. Now xtendx faces more and more competitors, most based in the United States. Along with its location in Switzerland, an attractive location for data storage, xtendx stands out from its competitors by virtue of the Simplex program with its open component architecture, compared to that of its competitors, where customers always have to buy an entire package. Simplex customers also have the option of acquiring a local license to store their digital assets internally, which is particularly attractive for customers with sensitive data.

Looking to the future 

Fraefel is convinced, “Corporate video is becoming an indispensable component of business communication.“ xtendx has long held the position of market leader in Switzerland. Currently, this innovative enterprise is expanding internationally through strategic partners who market products with integrated xtendx solutions. But xtendx is looking to independently expand its presence in Europe as well. To that end, marketing and business development must be expanded too. “The capital provided by Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd. and its dynamic support with strategic issues is very welcome. It means we can further strengthen our position in the Swiss market while simultaneously targeting areas for robust growth beyond its borders as well”, Fraefel is pleased to report.