Published: Feb. 1, 2015
Solique AG

Worldwide Advertising with the click of the mouse

The Solique AG offices boast a large world map scattered with red dots. The dots indicate the publishing locations of the newspapers and internet platforms that have advertised jobs with the help of Solique’s software. What is it about this product that makes the number of red dots increase week-by-week?

Zofingen is an idyllic little town. From his office, Solique CEO Peter B. Müller has a view of the medieval town’s fortifications. It would be wrong, however, to believe that time stands still here in Zofingen. Zofingen is the home to an ambitious team of developers and programmers. The company’s software program is called Solique Smart Multiposting. Solique Recruiter is its main product. With just a few clicks of the mouse, job advertisements can be created in the right data quality and published in almost any print medium, online job platform, or social media tool across the globe using this software tool. This is particularly interesting for companies with a high volume of job advertisements to be published regularly. Peter B. Müller explains why: “Processing a job advertisement used to take 30 minutes. Now it takes 30 seconds.” In order for this to work, the application is tailored to each client. The first step is for the client to provide Solique with its advertisement templates, prepared in accordance with its corporate identity guidelines. On this basis, Solique programs an advertisement template including text and potentially image components, which can be arranged in different variations. The client also selects its preferences from a list of over 20 languages and indicates which national and international print media, social media, and online platforms it intends to use. Interfaces are then installed for the data transfer between the client’s Solique software and the various media sources. When the client creates an advertisement following the one-time installation process for the individual account, the advertisement is forwarded to the relevant media sources via these interfaces by clicking on “Publish.” In addition to the export interfaces, there are also import interfaces, which lead directly to Solique Recruiter by means of an applicant management system. “For a few months now, we have been in the happy position of collaborating as an official partner with one of the world’s three largest providers for these types of systems, SAP Successfactors. This has led to a significant upswing in RFPs and followed by many big new client wins as a result of this partnership,” explains Müller.


Internationalization Continues

Solique now has twelve employees. Ten are based in Switzerland, two in Germany. These two countries are also home to the majority of the company’s clients. In addition to Recruiter, the company’s Solique Smart Multiposting product also includes Solique Real Estate for real estate advertising and Solique Publisher, an advertisement creation tool for publishing houses. Solique is, however, clearly focused on the job advertising segment. Thanks to its broad offering, the company is largely in a class of its own in this area. Its Swiss competitors specialize only in national media. There are three major international competitors, but these only cover the online segment, do not permit customized advertising, and generally speaking do not provide the level of quality comparable to Solique’s. So it is not surprising that many multinationals are interested in Solique’s unique tool. The young company therefore also wants to grow quickly internationally. “In 2013, we got off to a slightly rough start as a company. This made us particularly grateful for the trust that Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd. placed in us. We now want to grow further and reach our full potential. The financial support provided by Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd. will once again open doors, this time to the international market,” says a confident Müller. It looks like the number of red dots on the map will keep growing.