Digital focus

Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd. focus on early-stage investments in three areas, specifically also innovations in the financial sector.

Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd. covers a broad portion of the companies’ life cycles, with investments ranging from relatively young companies to established SMEs. So far, the range of sectors has been just as broad, with investments made in the food, high-tech, and transport industries along with many others. This wide scope of activity will be somewhat reduced for our early-stage investments in the future. “We want to focus our content on three highly-digital strategic areas that have a promising future. The goal is for the market to regard us as specialists in the following sectors based on our expertise:

  • Robotics & automation
  • Medtech
  • Fintech

To achieve this, the geographic focus has been slightly relaxed. To date, companies had to be domiciled in Switzerland – but in this digital, global era, strong ties to Switzerland will suffice.

CHF 30 million for fintech

The last of these sectors, since 2018, fintech is a new area of investment for Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd. and will be handled somewhat differently than the other two. Support will be provided to companies that develop digital finance-related innovations and bring them to the market. Some of these companies operate in a similar area as Credit Suisse itself or they offer solutions for the bank’s value chain. As such, the bank sees an opportunity to be actively involved in the young fintech scene and to potentially use these innovations itself or for its clients. Credit Suisse is providing CHF 30 million in additional investment capital for this area. This also falls under Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd.’s remit, although the respective investment decisions are reached by a fintech investment committee created specifically for this purpose.